Lego Affiliate Program: Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Money Online

In this blog post, we will discuss a unique opportunity to make money online by becoming an affiliate for the Lego program. Lego, also known as Lego bricks or Lego boxes, is a popular hobby for many people. While you may not personally be a fan of Legos, there is a great potential to earn commissions by promoting Lego products as an affiliate marketer. We will explore the strategy and steps involved in signing up for the Lego affiliate program and how to effectively promote Lego blocks.

Signing Up for the Lego Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate for the Lego program, you need to sign up through, which is powered by recruiting advertising. This platform serves as the intermediary between you as the publisher or content creator and Lego as the company that manufactures and sells the products. During the registration process, you will provide information about how you plan to send traffic to Lego in order to potentially earn commissions.

Setting Up Your Account

When setting up your account, you will first need to select your country of residence. Depending on the country, you may need to represent yourself as an individual or a legal entity. In the United States, for example, individuals can start as individuals without any specific legal entity. After providing your contact information, you will need to consider the steps required to get approved as a Lego affiliate.

Choosing Your Business Model

As an affiliate, you need to select a primary business model. For most content creators, the content niche option is the most suitable. This model is based on creating content such as news stories, media, or videos focused on a specific area of interest. In this case, your content will revolve around Legos, highlighting Lego as a great hobby. Your goal is to provide valuable information to your audience, such as new Lego releases, Lego collections that work together, special deals, and upcoming events related to Legos.

Your Website Information

In the registration process, you will be asked to enter your primary website information. If you don’t have a traditional website, you can link to a Facebook group or a YouTube channel. These platforms can serve as effective alternatives to a dedicated website for promoting Legos and sharing your Lego-related content.

The Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Now that you have set up your Lego affiliate account, let’s discuss the overall strategy for earning commissions through affiliate marketing. The strategy can be broken down into three foundational phases: traffic, offer, and people.

Phase 1: Traffic

The first step is to generate traffic to your content. You can achieve this by creating compelling videos, articles, or other forms of content related to Legos. By focusing on a specific niche, such as Lego enthusiasts or hobbyists, you can attract a targeted audience interested in Lego-related information. This traffic will serve as the foundation for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Phase 2: Offer

Once you have a steady flow of traffic, it’s time to introduce the Lego offer. As an affiliate, your goal is to drive sales of Lego products through your unique affiliate link. You can highlight the latest Lego releases, exclusive deals, or limited-time offers to entice your audience to make a purchase.

Phase 3: People

The final phase is to build a list of people interested in Legos. By capturing their email addresses, you can establish a long-term relationship with your audience through email marketing. This allows you to provide them with valuable content and promote relevant Lego products. Automating this process can help you generate passive income and lay the groundwork for scaling your business.

The Affiliating Accelerator

The Affiliating Accelerator is a framework that breaks down the three foundational phases of the affiliate marketing strategy into three simple steps each. It provides a roadmap for going from zero to profit in promoting Lego as your core offer.

Phase 1: Traffic

  1. Pick a topic: Choose Lego as your main focus or explore a wider range of hobbies on your YouTube channel, with Lego being one of the featured hobbies.
  2. Set up the necessary tools: Depending on your content medium, you may need a camera, microphone, or screen recording software.
  3. Create content: Produce engaging videos or articles that drive traffic to a lead magnet.

Phase 2: Offer

  1. Add bonuses: Enhance the Lego offer by providing additional bonuses or recommending related products.
  2. Expand your offers: Look for other Lego products or external products that complement the Lego brand.
  3. Profit and scale: Continuously work on increasing your traffic, expanding your offers, and growing your audience to maximize your affiliate earnings.

Phase 3: People

  1. Build an email list: Capture the email addresses of your audience to establish a direct line of communication.
  2. Automate the process: Utilize email marketing automation tools to deliver valuable content and promotions to your subscribers.
  3. Profit and scale: Focus on generating more traffic, expanding your offers, and growing your email list to increase your passive income.


The Lego affiliate program offers a unique opportunity to monetize your passion for Legos. By following the top strategy of traffic, offer, and people, you can create a successful affiliate marketing business centered around promoting Lego products. Whether you choose to focus solely on Lego or incorporate it into a broader hobby-related content channel, the potential for earning commissions is significant. If you’re interested in learning more about how to implement this strategy and get approved for the Lego affiliate program, be sure to check out the link in the description for a comprehensive guide. Start building your Lego affiliate business today!

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